Meet Dr. Talia Miller, Pediatric Dentist

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Dr. Talia Miller is a pediatric dentist at the Dental Place Westborough, and Pediatric Dental of Millis, both part of the family of dentists.  We asked Dr. Miller some questions about what makes her work and these practices so special.


Why did you decide to become a Pediatric Dentist?

I love working with kids and making a difference in their health, as well as their experiences at the dentist.


What do you love about coming to work every day?

I love our friends and positive staff, they make me smile every day. Also, helping kids have a positive dental experience gives me meaning and excitement to come to work.


If you could describe Dental Place Westborough in once word, what would it be?



Why would you tell someone to choose Dental Place Westborough if they are looking for a new Dental or orthodontist office?

This place is fun and friendly.  Also for the high quality of work, it is our expectation that we deliver the best care possible for every patient.  Our staff is very gentle so that our young patients are comfortable and relaxed.

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