cosmetic dentistryWe often think of our smiles as our most noticeable feature. We offer natural-looking aesthetic restorations, as well as teeth whitening treatments in our office and in take-home products that will keep your smile looking its best.

Professional whitening treatments performed in-house use a hydrogen peroxide power bleaching gel to brighten your teeth several shades in under an hour.

Take-home whitening treatments take a bit longer to achieve the same beautiful results. The whitening solution is applied in custom-made trays that fit over teeth similar to an orthodontic retainer. This treatment gets teeth several shades brighter.

We also offer Opalescence Go®, a whitening treatment that comes in prefilled, disposable trays. It produces a whiter smile in up to 10 days when the trays are worn for 15 minutes to an hour and a half per day. The whitening solution comes in peach, melon and mint flavors.