First Visit by Age 1

We recommend that children be seen for their initial dental visit once the first tooth has erupted, or by their first birthday. The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend that parents find a “dental home” for their children by age 1, because children who have a dental home have a better chance of receiving beneficial preventive and routine oral health care.

Here is what to expect during an initial “well baby” checkup:

First Visit

  • Dental staff will greet you and your child.
  • The infant/family health history is reviewed.
  • Our pediatric dentist addresses your questions/concerns.
  • Questions pertaining to your child’s oral habits, pacifier use, general development, tooth alignment, tooth development and diet are asked.
  • Our pediatric dentist offers advice on topics including good oral care, oral injury prevention, fluoride intake and sippy cup use.
  • Your child’s teeth are examined. Generally, the dentist and you are seated facing each other, and your child is positioned so that their head is cradled in the dentist’s lap. This position enables your child to look at you during the examination.
  • Good brushing and flossing demonstrations are given.
  • The state of your child’s oral health is described and recommendations are given regarding oral habits, appropriate toothpastes and toothbrushes for the child, orthodontically correct pacifiers, and diet.
  • We will outline an appointment schedule and describe what will happen at the next appointment.

As children get older, our pediatric dentists use the “tell, show, do” technique with them – we explain what we’re doing, show them the instruments used, and then perform the treatment.