Dental AnxietyOur pediatric dentists have completed specialty training in child psychology, and are accomplished at ensuring children feel at ease in our office. We understand that some children do better in a quiet room with one-on-one attention than in an open exam bay. Our office is designed to meet our young patients’ varied needs.

We also offer a desensitizing program for children who have autism and other special needs. In some cases, your child’s initial visit may be only to see the inside of the office, meet our staff and take home a toothbrush. We may have your child visit our office weekly just to get accustomed to the environment and feel comfortable enough to proceed with treatment.

Franciscan Children's

Every child is unique. Some children experience mild dental anxiety. To keep each child comfortable and relaxed, we use various relaxation and sedation techniques ranging from behavior management to medications such as inhaled nitrous oxide (offered at affiliated practices). With the proper preparations, a kid-friendly setting, and a team of dental professionals who are sensitive to each child’s needs, each dental appointment can be completed smoothly and successfully.